Best Fishing Rods For Under £200

We have picked out the best carp fishing rods you can buy now on the market for £200.00, we have tested all these ourself and found them all to be fantastic in thier owns ways, we really think you can get a fanstic fishing rod without breaking the bank!

Comparison Fishing Rods Under £200

We have created a small comparrision of our best picks of fishing card rods for under £200

Greys Prodigy Apex Rod
Wolf X Series
Greys Prodigy Apex Rod
X Series
Shimano TX-7 Carp Rod
Size & Test Curve
12ft, Test Curve: 3.25lb
12ft, Test Curve: 3.00lb
12ft, Test Curve: 3.25lb
12FT, Test Curve: 3.5lb
Toreon Nano Composite
High Modulus Carbon
HPC250 & Biofibre Blank Material
High-Modulus Carbon
Butt Guides Size
Available on

1. Greys Prodigy Apex Rod

Greys Prodigy Apex Rod

Greys Prodigy Apex Rod

Greys Prodigy Apex Rod, 

The Greys Prodigy is regarded as one the best carp fishing rod for under £200 and the Apex just got added to this prestige range! We have tested this rod out over the last few weeks and it convinced me that much that I purchased it for myself, the styling of the Grey Apex carp rod is styled very similar to prodigy but has been built with all new top of the range technology and this is what sets it ahead of the rest.

The first thing you will notice is the newly styled rod blank has been built from Toreon Nano composite material, this is Greys unique speciality rod building material and it really looks and feels everything you want in a carp rod. The reasons why this unique material is so good is it ensures your rod is slim and lightweight but also making it very strong.

We have been lucky enough to test this  rod out and it has stood up to test, bringing in some brilliant fish in the mid 20lb to 30lb and I wouldn’t have any issues using it to fight some of the biggest carp, it has the power to ensure you can cast the distance while also allowing you to feel everything while playing a fish, it really is fantastic carp fishing rod for under £200

Greys have named this series after the apex you get when casting, the apex rods have also been designed to a maximise the ability of overhead casting, the rods perfectly complement your casting and allow you to go further and with a lot more accuracy. 

The Toreon technology inside the Greys Apex Carp Rodsv ensures that your tip recovery speed is very fast, and this rod has a crisp and responsive feel and exactly what you need from your carp rod.

The apex rod blank has a beautiful carbon weave – with 2k carbon on the butt and 1k on the tip – and it boasts Greys’ durable Carbon Armour finish throughout. This not only improves lifelong strength and performance but also ensures that this rod is exceptionally good looking, too. The rod has been ringed with Greys’ G-Lite guides. These have been designed to complement the crisp action of the rod and they feature an anti-frap tip ring. 


2. Wolf X Series

Wolf X Series

Wolf X Series

Wolf X Series Carp Rod EVA with Shrink Tube,

The X Series are our performance range rods designed with smaller waters and canals in mind. The X Series boast a refined smooth-medium action giving a perfect balance between casting performance and playing ability. Wolf X rods are constructed of high modulus carbon, with a smoke matt finish, cross weave banding and black whippings, giving a retro, custom look to a high-spec modern build. Wolf X rods are constructed of high strength 24t carbon, with a smoke matt finish, cross weave banding and black whippings, giving a retro, custom look to a high-spec modern build. The Extreme models move to a faster action for those lightning quick big distance casts.


3. Shimano TX-7

Shimano TX-7

The Shimano TX-7 is one of the most power carp fishing rods on the market! It has been manufactored to be the ulitmate big water rod, with its strengh and power you will have no problem hitting the clip for them long distances.

The TX 7 has been constructed from a high-pressured carbon (HPC250) and bio-fibre material which when combined creates a beautifully slim and well designed blank. The carbon blank has a very slender width, but is still exteamly powerful meaning you have absolute confidence with every cast.

While testing these rods you have feel absolutly everything when playing the fish the TX’7 stiff and offer great line recovery when casting though the 50mm butts, you can really feel in control of the fish at all times.

The Shimano TX 7 carp fishing rod feel extreamly light this is down to the thin carbon bio fibre construction, the rod handle feels very confitable and featuers a Fuji reel seat with also Kigan Stainless Steel Zirconia & anti-frap tip ring.

There are five models in the TX 7 range so you can choose from a 12ft length with a test curve of 2.75lb, 3lbs or 3.25lb and the intensity options of 12ft and 13ft lengths. Both the intensity options have test curves of 3.5lbs+, ideal for when targeting scale tipping specimens! The rods are supplied in a cloth bag to protect them in transit.

In summary the TX 7’s are brilliant rods and when paired with Shimano Ultegra XTD Reel  they really are a fantastic pairing!


4. Sonik SK4 XTR

Sonik SK4 XTR

Sonik SK4 XTR Carp Rods, The SK4XTR carp rods are manufactured using latest generation, low resin, high modulus carbon fibres to provide a blank that is slim, sensitive and very powerful. In addition, the butt section is overlaid with a 1K carbon weave to add extra power where needed to provide a rod that will comfortably cast 3-5oz leads to 150m and beyond. New cosmetics include concave, ventilated collars with red insert, matched to metallic red tippings, laser etched butt cap and a neat, Sonik custom line clip.



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