Fishing Bivvy Under £200

We have picked out the best bivvy you can buy now on the market for £200.00, we have tested all of these ourselves and found them all to be fantastic in their owns ways, we really think you can get a fantastic fishing bivvy without breaking the bank!

Comparison 1 Man Bivvy Under £200

We have created a small comparison of our best picks of fishing bivvy under £200

JRC Defender Bivvy
Bivvy brand
Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy
JRC Defender Bivvy
Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy
Prologic Frame-X Bivvy
H 140cm X W 250cm X D 205cm
H 140cm x W 270cm x D 205cmx
H 140cm x W 270cm x D 205cm
H 145cm x W 260cm x D 210cm
Super strong 20,000mm HH Armatek fabric
5,000HH 210D PU coated polyester
8000mm hydrostatic head fabric
Storm Safe Tex, new coated fabric with 10.000mm hydrostatic head
Available on
Back Vents
Over Wrap

1. Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy

Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy

Sonik are one of the newest manufacturers of fishing tackle and they know exactly what the customer is looking for, the XTI 1 Man Bivvy has been created to be below the £200 price range but look and feel like a much higher priced bivvy. The overall coverage is 250cm wide and 205cm deep and when testing this bivvy we found it was absolutely big enough for everything you need from your big bed and all your tackle. I am not a light fisherman and it was more than big enough, with the height being 140cm you could easily sit up and I never felt like I was hunched over. I am 5 ft 9 so I’m not the tallest but felt there was plenty of more room if required. The Sonik XTI 1 man bivvy has a three rib construction, this is to maximise the space you get inside the bivvy. The frame supports with attaching to the main ribs ensuring your bivvy has the perfect structural supports to maintain the shape and prevent it from sagging.

One thing you really want to know is how easy it is to set up and the Sokik XTI One Man is very simple, from laying out the groundsheet, placing the bivvy on top pulling over and adding your structure polls and then simply peg out, this only took us 4 minutes.  in a little more detail, layout the bivvy on top and simply place together with the ribs and centre poles. Use the ties to connect the bivvy to the groundsheet and the tension strap, and then connect the back pole. You will then be able to pull up the front of the bivvy in a pram hood manner. By fixing in the rest of the frame supports and pegging down the rest of the bivvy you will now have a completely structurally sound bivvy. The front of the bivvy simply zips into place. This means that you can set up the bivvy without the front panel, enabling you to use it as an open-fronted day shelter for shorter winter sessions.

The Sonik XTI is an all year round bivvy making it ideal in the summer thanks to it’s easy and heavy-duty mozzie panels, these are located at the front and the back. Back mesh panels ensure you have full airflow through the bivvy, if you have ever used one without these you will know how important they are in keeping cool when it’s warm. The XTI one man is perfect for winter also, you have to easily attach the Sonik vapour shield and this will transform the bivvy into a twin skin. The benefits of this are that it greatly reduces the amount of condensation you get while also retaining as much heat as possible. There is also an additional winter skin that can be purchased for the Sonik XTI bivvy that adds an extra layer and gives you some additional space out front. 

The bivvy front door allows you to have a few different options, the opening is dual zipped so you can open the front letterbox style, so when the wind and rain are really coming down you can safely sit inside and still keep an eye on the water. Another option you have available is there is a clear PVC window, this will allow you to see outside but we found it wasn’t the clearest and isn’t best used for looking out of but really just for letting some light in while keeping wind and rain out. 

Our overall review of the Sonik XTI is fantastic! It ticks so many boxes, it’s easily assembled, very well made, and comes in at an excellent price range when purchased with the extra winter wrap it you get the triple skin if you’re a regular winter fisherman this really is fantastic.




2. JRC Defender Bivvy

JRC Defender Bivvy

JRC Defender Bivvy

The next on our list is the JRC Defender Bivvy One Man, the lightest out the four we have tested for you here but don’t be put off by this, it really does feel sturdy and able to cope with some big winds and rain ensuring you are protected while on the bank. 

The Defenders simple design is what makes it so good, only a few parts making it simple to erect and means you can get everything you need out of it while you’re fishing. 

The Defenders practical design means we thought it was slightly easier to put up than the sonik as there were less components but that doesn’t take away from how sturdy this bivvy felt and you can still fit everything you need, coming in at a slightly 20cm wider than the sonik, giving you that extra small amount of room inside. One of the main features we liked about the JRC Bivvy was the option to completely roll back the front and secure it out the way using the retainers.

As with the door itself the same with all these bivvys we find these days is a two way zip, this means you can create a letterbox style opening to enure you can tuck yourself away from all the elements while still keeping an eye on the water, the other options for the door is a solid green, clear PVC that can used to shut out the elements while still allowing some light in and a mozzy mesh. 

The groundsheet is a heavy duty one and is secured in place with velcro and pegged out. There is an overwrap for the JRC Defender one man bivvy that will add that extra protection from the elements and help control the condensation. 

With this bivvy weighing in at an amazing 5.8kg it’s the lightest in the range we tested and it makes it perfect if you like moving around the lake and following the fish, easy to erect and pack up.




3. Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy

JRC Defender Bivvy

Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy

The Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy is the cheapest one on our list coming in at £149.99 and is also one of the best selling bivvys on the market and there is a reason why its loved by so many anglers. The EOS Bivvy has been created in a fantastic style and performs brilliantly in every test we put it through.

The Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy was realised to be a entry level and something affordable for every fisherman, it’s completely waterproof and is constructed with a two rib, pram style design, these are supported with braces that offer complete support from strong winds and rain, ensuring you’re well looked after on the bank no matter what the forecast.

Unlike the other ones on the list this doesn’t have back air vents, this means in the summer you won’t get that air flow through the bivvy and can get a little warm inside but isn’t really an issue. The EOS 1 Man Bivvy is a similar size to the others on the list meaning you can fit everything you need inside and with the extra ability to add the over wrap and this gives you some extra room at the front to store any items plus giving you an extra layer of protection in the winter. The groundsheet didn’t feel as heavy duty as the others on the list and this is the main area we could tell why it was a little cheaper than the rest.

The front of the FOX EOS 1 Man Bivvy features a very generous peak for extra protection from the elements, you have the same options as all the others on the list when it comes to the door options, with a two zip style allowing you to have a letterbox opening so you can keep fishing when the weather turns nasty and also you have a clear PVC and also the ability to pull it all back and have it completely open. It also has two straps to secure your rods when setting up either side of the door opening.

The Fox Bivvy comes in at only 7kg making it one of the lightest on the list, meaning it’s easily packed away and perfect if you’re on the move a lot.




4. Prologic Frame-X Bivvy


Prologic Frame-X Bivvy

Last but not least on the list is the Prologic Frame-X Bivvy, coming in at the most expensive on the list at £189.99, this fantastic bivvy really is a great all rounder and packed full of features that makes it stand out. The main thing you will notice is the name, Frame-x this is for the unique X-Shaped frame design that is completely unique from Prologic and brings something new to the fishing bivvy world, you really start to understand what’s special about the design once you start using it. To get started you simply place the poles into the two break points one front and one rear on each side, you will notice the x-frame bivvy is completely self standing. The next process is to attach the tension bar to give it that additional support. We did notice the bivvy went up in roughly the same amount as time as the Sonik but did feel slightly more sturdy due to the unique x frame design.

The prologic has a small peak out front to ensure you are protected from any weather, this is fitted with a short fiberglass pole that you can simply tread through and into position. One thing we did notice with the prologic is the flat back design meaning you are able to fit all of the largest bedchairs in perfectly and it still leaves more than enough food for all your fishing tackle and bags.

All four of these bivvys have the same door options, the first being a solid front that is completely waterproof and windproof and will protect you from any weather condition, the prologic also has a clear PVC option that will allow some extra light in while also keeping you warm and dry, the last option is the mosquito mesh, this is perfect for the summer months ensuring you are completely protected while also letting some air in, another option the prologic Frame x bivvy gives you is the ability to completely remove the front for a full opening and transforms it into a brilliant day shelter for them shorter fishing sessions.

The Prologic Frame-X Bivvy has been constructed from a heavy duty 210 denier rip-stop material. While this is not only 100% waterproof but it is also exceptionally durable. One of the best points we found when testing this fishing bivvy was the pegging points on the bivvy are extremely durable as they are manufactured from metal rather than the traditional plastic. It comes supplied with a reinforced groundsheet, which can be easily Velcroed into position. Also available to purchase is the Prologic Frame-X Bivvy Overwrap. Rather than a full overwrap this is a skull-cap style winter skin, allowing you to use this bivvy effectively all year round.



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